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TO PARTICIPATE AS A MODEL, wherever you live in the whole wild world, please add yourself to this Facebook group made especially for volunteers. This is where we share our 1001Fesses tour dates and locations and where women can share their comments and experiences in a all female group. Click here


We never do any castings or selection of the models and we work only with volunteers, we never scout models. We usually post our availabilities for shootings and we meet those who answer first and are available ! We wish to have a big diversity of models and bums but since the project is very active on social medias, we are still struggling to find women over 45 years old…if you know anybody interested! Also, our project is self-financed, which makes it hard for us to visit your country if you are far away from Montreal. We are planing on touring around the world to meet different origins and have all kinds of bodies in our project, thanks for understanding it takes time and creativity to find the budget to make it all the way to you!

We are looking for SPONSORS. If you have any idea, please contact us at


Fred and Emi xx