Since we don’t have a bilangual website yet, you can find all the information about the project right here :

What is 1001Fesses Project ?

Since November 2014, we have been collecting the beauty of the female form in an attempt to address a widespread obsession: hating our backsides. We are trying to create a visual poem by taking pictures of all kind of women…and bums ! These pictures are always taken in daylight with a Mamya 645 film camera and we never show faces or identify images. By photographing anonymous bodies, we try to picture the beauty in every shape, the beauty in female identity.

With over 600 volunteer models and a very successful social media following, we now want to transcend frontiers and photograph feminine beauty elsewhere. In december 2015, a crowd funding campaign was launched in order to raise the funds needed to go around the world and capture all kinds of women bums. On december 3rd, Facebook DELETED the project’s fan page because of “pornographic content”. This page counted 6500 followers, an important community taking part in the body-diversity movement and anti-censorship of female beauty. We are now trying to re-built this community, one open-minded follower at a time.

Who are we ?

We are two female artists based in Montreal. We have been best friends since we were 12 years old and growing up together was quite an adventure. We have seen our bodies change from childhood to adulthood and this intimacy in our friendship made us think: why not collect pictures of all kinds of bums ? Maybe we would discover how crazy it is to hate our own bodies and simply see how unique each and every woman is. And, this way, start loving ourselves a little bit better.

Emilie Mercier, artist and professional photographer, brings with her sensibility and understanding of the shy silhouettes which present themselves to her. Frederique Marseille, entrepreneur and artistic director, provokes confidence and self-esteem otherwise hidden in the women the two encounter. We try to bring back a sense of rituality in female communication.

How to participate ?

If you want to volunteer, please join our Facebook group for models by clicking here. We don’t chose our models, we simply post the dates and places where want to shoot and the first ladies to answer will have the chance to participate ! Some people have been criticizing the fact that most of the models who have already participated are in there twenties and caucasian. This is not a choice, we just wish more and more women will wish to participate !

Want to share pictures of your own ?

If you have pictures of your own bum that you would wish to share with us, please send them to us at projet1001fesses@gmail.com and we will share them on this website in the “Fesses du public” page. Men, women, this is a page for anybody who wants to share their self-esteem with us !

Want to collaborate or publish something about 1001Fesses?

You are a journalist or blogger ? You have a project of your own that would fit with our aesthetic ? You need photography services ? You have a suggestion or a desire to collaborate with us ? Please write to us and we will answer as soon as possible projet1001fesses@gmail.com .